Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Appeal for Help

In July 2013, a government official asked me to generate funds for a kid named Zain suffering from cancer. I posted about him here. You helped, Thank You and Jazaakum Allah Khaira. In September 2014, I came across a retired soldier who needed funds for his son's marriage and posted about him here (scroll down to September 10, 2014 on my Facebook timeline for complete post). You helped again, Thank You again and Jazaakum Allah Khaira. Now, I'm back with another appeal.

This time, the opportunities are multiple and the goal rather daunting. Its 3 people from 3 different families and the goal is to raise Rs 1,00,000 in each case. Rs 3,00,000 is a large amount for any one person to set aside for charity, and we don't have much time, at least in one case. The people in need of help are:

1. An old lady from a village near Wazirabad, who needs surgery to fix her heart. An old contact I came across 2 years ago while trying to generate funds for Zain recently approached me for help in this case. The lady needs Rs 1,00,000 immediately for surgery. The lady will accept donations directly at home and via Money Order etc. Doctors can help with their time. For the next couple of days, she'll be in Lahore. [[MOST URGENT]]

2. An old man from a village near Sargodha, who needs funds for his daughter's wedding. I came across the gentleman in Islamabad about a month ago. He was in need of Rs 21,000 to settle a debt he'd incurred after his elder daughter's wedding. The man who'd loaned him the money harassed him so much that he left his girls at home and came to Islamabad looking for help. Couple of people here helped settle his debt. This time, he's looking for donations and is not ready for loans. He doesn't have any collateral to secure any loans and no steady source of income. He will accept donations directly at home and via Money Order etc. [[URGENT]]

3. Zain's parents need funds for a daughter's wedding. They're from Gujrat. The same contact approached me in this case too. I know the family: I met them when Zain was under treatment at Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad. They'll accept donations directly at home or via Money Order etc. [[PRIORITY]]

For the sake of their privacy, I'm not publishing the identities and contact details of these people in this post. If you're interested in helping them out call me, drop me a mail or leave a comment on the blog post / Facebook post and I'll get back to you with details. I'm very committed these days and will appreciate if you reach out to the families directly. I'll also appreciate if you let me know how much you contributed so that I can keep track of the funds raised and inform you when the goal is achieved.

How can You help:
1. Reach out to the families and ascertain the validity of their claims. Authenticate this post with your comments.
2. Contribute funds. Contribute time and medicine if you're a doctor.
3. Mobilize others. Spread the word.

Thank you very much.

Quick Links
Online Google Sheet
Images from a Demo Flyer


Update-1 (26 August 2015, 1 AM)
First donation received. Please check the Google Sheet link provided above for details.
Donor: MIL Kh
For: Donatee-2 [[URGENT]]
The donor deposited their contribution with me. I'm visiting Donatee-2 this weekend and will pass it on.

Update-2 (26 August 2015, 6:40 PM)
Details of Donatees emailed to 2 potential donors on request.
Potential Donors: SZA, SICHM.

Update-3 (26 August 2015, 9:25 PM)
Details of Donatees emailed to 2 potential donors on request. Details are provided in a flyer. Demo images of the flyers can be viewed at the link provided above.
Potential Donors: RUKP, CMES.

Update-4 (30 August 2015, 12:10 AM)
Donations received from 3 donors. Please check the Google Sheet link provided above for details.
For: Donatee-2 (SICHM, RUKP, MZYPB). Donatee-3 (RUKP).

I've visited Donatee-2 at his home today and have verified his claims. I've found his claims genuine. The gentleman is a deserving case. I'll post an update on that as soon as I can, in sha Allah. Donations from MIL Kh, SICHM and RUKP (part of donation) have been handed over to Donatee-2 in person on 29 August 2015, Alhamdulillah. RUKP's remaining donation will be handed over to Donatees 2 and 3 ASAP.

I've downgraded the donation priority of Donatee-1 from [[MOST URGENT]] to [[URGENT]]. She has refused to be operated upon in the light of her frail condition and will continue medication etc. I've upgraded Donatee-2 from [[URGENT]] to [[MOST URGENT]].

Update-5 (05 September 2015, 12:55 AM)
Donation flyer emailed to a potential donor on 03 September 2015.
Donor: JKS
For: Donatee-1.

Update-6 (12 September 2015, 8:50 PM)
This is a late update.
Donations received from a donor on 07 September 2015. Please check the Google Sheet link provided above for details.
Donor: CMES
For: Donatees 1 and 3.

A potential donor is planning to visit Donatees 1 and 3 today or tomorrow. I will post an update as soon as possible.

The Google Sheet has also been revised completely and all relevant information has been displayed in an easy to understand fashion.

Update-7 (22 September 2015, 10:00 AM)
Donations from RUKP, MZYPB and CMES for Donatees 1 and 3 were transferred yesterday to a "Point of Contact" (see donation flyer for details), who will hand them over to the donatees in the coming week in sha Allah. Please check the Google Sheet link.
I've been unable to visit these two donatees myself. The potential donor couldn't either (see last update). I'm trying to meet them in person at their homes ASAP. I will post an update if and when possible.
Please share and mobilize others to raise the target funds as soon as possible.

Update-8 (05 October 2015, 10:15 AM)
This is a late update.
Balance donations for Donatee-2 were handed over to them in person on 22 September 2015, in the evening.
All the donations received by the publiser of this appeal in the name of the Donatees have been handed over to them and now nothing remains to be transferred.

Thank you for your help and support. Jazaak Allahu Khaira. We were unable to meet the fund collection goals for Donatees 1 & 3. Donation goals for Donatee-2 were achieved, and the family is preparing for the marriage of their daughter. Please consider helping Donatees 1 & 3 in solving their problems. Thank you and Jazaak Allah Khairan Katheer.